Pietra serena is a light greyish-blue sandstone particularly suitable for use in the architectural field and also in sculpture. Already known at the time of the Etruscans, Pietra Serena is an essential element of Tuscan architecture. Indeed, most of the ancient historic town centres in the region are paved with this material, and it reached the height of its popularity in Renaissance art, particularly in Florence. Today this natural stone lends itself to countless uses, adapting perfectly to complement any interior or exterior design. Its hardiness and the fact that it is easy to process are another two good reasons for its popularity. 

The pietra serena offered by Spoglianti S&M is carefully selected based on its compactness and resistance to guarantee the customer a meticulously vetted stone of exceptional quality. The rough blocks are evaluated based on their intended use and processing technique, even for the most extreme applications such as, for instance, covering the interiors of swimming pools or use outdoors. 

The uniqueness of SPOGLIANTI s&m lies in its ability to process stones with a range of antiquated finishes, complementing the range of basic products. The many years of research and analyses carried out by the company on the effects of time on stone therefore shine through, evident in the infinite array of details that make the end product ideal for use in both ancient and contemporary architectural contexts.